你正在寻找一个强大和经验丰富的倡导者谁可以保护你 争取你的最大利益? 皇冠hg6686| PLC) 在你需要的时候,这个团队是你可以依靠的吗. 想别人 关于我们公司有什么要说的吗? 我们鼓励你阅读下面他们的评论.

  • 我强烈推荐他们的服务
    离婚对所有当事人来说都是一个充满压力和困难的过程, 尤其是有孩子的时候. 布莱恩和他的律师助理, 妮可, 我对他们感激不尽. From the quickness of completing tasks and returning calls/emails to getting informed and educated responses to my questions; it made this process run smoothly throughout the year that I was represented by this firm. 我强烈推荐他们在这方面的服务.”


  • 让我们在法庭上有了强有力的发言权
    My wife and I reached out to 布莱恩·彼得森 and his firm in March of this year and then again this August. We were in an uphill battle with our current court situation regarding child custody and child support, 知道这个, 布莱恩还是接了我们的案子. We both believe he did an awesome job and went above and beyond our expectations and he gave us a strong voice in court. Regardless of the outcome from our court hearing, we both would highly recommend Brian and his firm. 我们真的很感谢他为我们所做的一切.


  • 如果可以的话,我会给他们不止五星
    I couldn't have made it through the most difficult time in my families' lives if it weren't for the support I received from 布莱恩·彼得森 and Josh 爱德华兹. They went above and beyond my expectations from the moment I first called them and they helped me to understand what decisions I needed to make and when I faced a crossroad they were clear in what my options where. 如果可以的话,我会给他们不止五星.

    - - - - - -米歇尔

  • 当时我压力很大,他帮我处理了一切
    约书亚·爱德华兹在我监护权的案子中是一个很好的代表. 他非常专业,对我提出的每一个问题都很了解. 当时我压力很大,他帮我处理了一切. 这个结果让我松了一口气. 他的价格也很合理.

    - - - - - -劳里

  • Going to court is overwhelming but at least knowing hiring the right attorney gives me peace of mind
    I never dealt with any legal matter in my past and never in my life thought I would have to hire an attorney. Not only was the circumstance extremely stressful but I was also skeptical of finding a good lawyer who CARES to represent my case. 这简直是大海捞针. 在向爱德华兹推荐之后 & 彼得森先生和他的朋友. 爱德华兹代表我的案子,我确信这是正确的选择. 打动我的是他的诚实、知识和守时. Communication was fantastic the entire time any questions or concerns would be answered no more than 24hrs if not less. Mr. 爱德华兹学识渊博,信心十足,他的行动就是明证. My case was a success and I understand not every case will be that way but if I or someone one I know who is ever into a legal bind I would not hesitate to contact Mr. 爱德华兹. Going to court is overwhelming but at least knowing hiring the right attorney gives me peace of mind.


  • 能在任何法律问题上诚实地信任他我很高兴我去找了他
    乔希·爱德华兹是一位了不起的律师, he resolved my legal issues in a timely manner which was really necessary given my circumstances and he relieved a world of stress by treating me with respect and speaking clearly without being patronizing. 他很聪明,知道自己在做什么. He understood my situation and acted according to my wishes creating the outcome he and I had desired. 我可以诚实地信任他处理任何法律问题我很高兴我去找了他, 我会毫不犹豫地向任何需要法律援助的人推荐他.


  • 一切都在掌控之中,而且很好地引导我度过了离婚的过程
    布莱恩和他的团队太棒了! 对于办公室里的每一个人,我只能说好话. Brian and 妮可 were always on top of things and great about navigating me through the divorce process. 再一次感谢您!


  • 风度翩翩,让我感到轻松自在
    乔希是一位诚实可靠的律师. 他指导我该做什么,很公平. He is personable and made me feel at ease when he would de-escalate situations and get down to facts. 我会推荐他.


  • 让我相信有可能取得积极的结果
    我被推荐给布莱恩,这是一次很棒的经历. 布莱恩很快就了解了我的情况. 在我看来,他在整个过程中都不遗余力地帮助我. 他的工作人员也非常乐于助人. From the first moment I met Brian, he was very professional and I felt I could trust him. 他还让我相信有可能取得积极的结果. 因为我住在阿斯利康州外,所以这对我来说很重要. 我对他为我提供的法律服务非常满意.


  • 回答了我所有的问题,做得非常出色
    约书亚·爱德华兹曾在一桩刑事案件和家事法庭上为我辩护. 我很害怕,非常想念我的女儿. 乔希回答了我所有的问题,做得非常出色. 说实话,我找不到更好的律师了. He was always friendly and knowledgeable and brought my case to a resolution that both parties were happy with. He was also successful in dealing with the prosecution and kept me from doing substantial jail time. 我怎么推荐乔什都不过分!


  • 他的服务比我付的钱更有价值
    哇! 我从不需要法律建议或咨询, 所以我对家庭法和法庭程序一无所知. 出于一时兴起(或者是神的指引),我与Avvo签了约,要求给他们打个电话. Mr. 爱德华兹 called within 5 minutes of my request and gave such clear and encouraging information. 他的服务比我付的钱更有价值 and I would consider him an excellent advocate for any unique or difficult legal family situation. 请别犹豫,让这位律师给你提意见. 他知识渊博,见多识广,不会让你失望的. 我感激地签上我的名字,凯瑟琳C.


  • 一流的法律团队不仅仅是为了钱
    I cannot put into words how happy I am with the results I received with 布莱恩·彼得森. We were living in Texas and came back to Arizona to deal with an unreal situation with my son and daughter. We had confidence from the first time that I spoke with Brian and the results have gotten better as time has passed. 布莱恩是我接触过的最好的律师之一. He ensured that we were always in the know of the most current details of our case and always let us know what needed to be done to keep us in line with the legal requirements for the courts. If you want to deal with a top-notch legal team that isn't just about the money but also heartfelt involvement in helping you get the best results possible-- look no further and start right here. 我们再一次感谢你们的帮助.


  • 布莱恩帮我保存了对我来说最重要的东西
    布莱恩·彼得森不仅是一个优秀的律师,也是一个令人敬畏的人. Initially, when I found myself facing a divorce, I thought I could handle it myself. 然而,当我意识到会有一些非常独特的 & 在复杂的问题上,我知道我必须寻求法律援助. 因为这是我第一次和律师共事, 我从采访不同的人开始我的过程. When I met with Brian, he listened attentively to my situation and never rushed the interview. 最后, 布莱恩说, “我只是想让你知道, 我不代表任何不诚实和不诚实的人". Those words were the turning point and I knew I had met the attorney for me, one with integrity! 我从来没有后悔过这个决定! 
    在整个过程中, 布莱恩认真地听了我的话,并以一种专业的方式给了我建议, 但也要有同情心. 他让我觉得在任何时候联系他都很舒服, 请允许我畅所欲言, 而且反应迅速,建议也很好. 他也非常专业, 在与前夫的律师沟通时,知识渊博且直接. It has been a long battle, but in the end, 布莱恩帮我保存了对我来说最重要的东西. 我会毫不犹豫地向任何我认识的人推荐布莱恩·彼得森! 非常感谢你,布莱恩!


  • 在他所做的一切中保持专业和直接
    感谢这支神奇的团队!!! Brian has been wonderful throughout my ordeal and has remained professional and direct in all that he does. I highly recommend this firm and am eternally grateful for Josh, Brian and Velora's work.


  • 工艺简单流畅
    皇冠hg6686帮我们成立了有限责任公司 & 这是一个如此顺利和容易的过程! 完全无痛. 谢谢,伙计!


  • 知识渊博,专业,友善,我欠他的比他知道的还多
    约书亚·爱德华兹是个优秀的律师. Josh has represented me both in a criminal case and in a particularly nasty family court case. Josh saved me from spending months in jail so I could keep my job and my apartment. I literally cannot say enough good things about Josh and how much of a badass attorney he is. 在我的家事法庭上,他创造了奇迹. 我现在有了女儿,这都是因为乔什. 他知识渊博、专业、友好,我欠他的比他知道的还要多. 他是我生命中的福气. 我100%推荐约书亚·爱德华兹. 也, 和他一起工作的人, 包括布莱恩·彼得森和夏洛特·威尔逊, 是我认识的最了不起的人,也是最乐于助人的人吗.


  • 乔什一直对我很好,为我努力工作.

    这些人太棒了. 我雇乔什来处理我的家庭案件. 他帮助我为法庭的未来做了准备, 他们按我的预算办事, 他们确保一切都准备好了. 他们也设定了明确的期望. 他们会听取我的想法,告诉我什么是合理的,什么是不合理的. 乔什一直对我很好,为我努力工作. The secretaries are very sweet as well and are more than willing to work with you. 这是我花过的最好的钱. 我强烈推荐他们.


  • 最好的代表
    爱德华兹和彼得森为我代理了一件私事. 他们是一个很棒的团队. Brian was very professional and the knowledge he shared regarding my issue to help resolve it was great. 他帮助代表我给我最好的结果. 谢谢,我强烈推荐他们.


  • 他知识渊博,待人友好,在许多方面帮助过我们.

    Mr. Petersen helped us prepare a plan for debt settlement and advised us every step of the way. 他很专业,为人正直. 我们还需要一位家庭律师. 彼得森也能提供他的服务. 他知识渊博,待人友好. 他在许多方面帮助了我们. 无论遇到什么法律问题,我们都会继续让他为我们服务.